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Vegan Handmade Plant Beef & Chicken Roasts for a warming Sunday lunch in in 500g Packs!



In need of some inspiration for your Veganuary deli boards, get your hands on our delicious selection of Mini Quiches, Sausage Rolls and Pies

What does Sunshine Vegan Deli do?

Whether you’re going vegan, taking part in Meat Free Monday, avoiding meat and dairy or simply enjoy incorporating more plant-based foods into your diet, our Vegan ranges means you’ll never have to compromise on taste. No expense spared on our quality products that are handcrafted and expertly developed by our chefs, every product is rigorously tried and taste tested, so it tastes just as good or even better than its meat or dairy counterpart. 

From fuss-free prepared picnic foods, to our showstopper roast for your Sunday lunch, there’s something for everyone – visit our online store to discover the whole range.

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''This is my go to place for my Vegan Roast, its delicious!'' (Susan - Newcastle) 

Vegan 1kg Roast Beef Roast with Roast Potatoes for Sunday Lunch

''Vegan Kebab is the bomb! Takeaway night in every week'' (Helen - Sheffield)

Vegan Turkish Kebab in an open wrap with cabbage & Mint Yogurt
Check out what people think about our Vegan Scotch Eggs, Roasts, Deli Meats & Sausage Rolls, with a Plant Based Twist!

'' The new Scotch Eggs are incredible'' (Wayne - Leeds)

Vegan Scotch Egg cut in half on black background

''I order here regularly as I know its good quality and handmade'' (Shona - Devon)

Handmade Plant Pork and Apple Vegan Sasuage Rolls
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