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Free Food rewards - When you pledge with us on Kickstarter

Hello, Sarah here from Sunshine Deli.

Were are super excited to announce we have just launched a Kickstarter campaign.

Funds are to help us move to larger premises as we have outgrown our current one and also to get our packaging retail ready.

Can you help?

Interested? Want to lend a hand?

Visit us @

Pledge to us; not only will you be supporting a growing vegan business, but you'll also get these fantastic rewards.

Pledge £2 or more

A thank you and certificate and shout out on Social Media to say that you have been a star and helped Sunshine Deli grow to new heights!

Pledge £35 or more (goods worth £25.44)

Vegan Eggs Bundle

Get a hold of this Vegan Egg Bundle, and see for yourself what all the fuss is about!!!

Pledge £85 or more (goods worth £65.00)

The Full Monty Sunshine Deli Range

Get the full range of vegan goodies we produce!

Pledge £100 or more (worth £80.00)

Sunshine Deli Merch

T-Shirt!, and the mug and a tote bag....

Pledge £125 or more (worth £97.00)

Vegan Christmas Hamper

Pledge to us and get a hold of this festive Full Monty Christmas Hamper

Pledge £250 or more ( worth £200.00)

Meet the Makers & Food Bundle

Come and see us in action, visit the factory floor, and go away with a bumper bundle of goods.

Interested? Want to lend a hand?

Visit us @

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