Gone are the days of a Scrambled Tofu filling for our Vegan Scotch Eggs, we now have created an egg middle that looks and tastes like the real thing, but all made by plants.


No expence spared to provide our deliciously moist and moreish decadent Vegan Scotch Eggs.

Each Scotch Egg contains our VE egg, wrapped in plant pork and costed in a generous supply of panko breadcrumbs then baked to perfection, lovingly handmade by the Sunshine Team.


The ideal lunchtime treats, also great for get togethers!

Impress your Non Vegan Friends! They would be hard pushed to notice the difference!!

Simply, we make Traditional Scotch Eggs with a Plant Based Twist



Soya, Potatoes, Turmeric, Black Salt, Water, Soya Protein, Wheat Protein, Argar Argar, Salt, Soya Bean Oil, Natural Flavouring), Rusk (Wheat), Coconut Oil, Soya Protein, Chicory Root Fibre, Methylcellulose, Nutritional Yeast, Spices, Vegetable Oils, Lemon Juice Concentrate, Preservative (Potassium Sorbate).

Allergens: Wheat, Soya


Pack of 4


Chilled 8 days, if they last that long 😊



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Vegan/Plant Scotch Egg Hamper

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