Like Lager/Cider? and Vegan? Want to re-live your trips abroad? In this case, we cover it all for you! We've taken some of the best examples of lager and cider styles from across the globe with 6 of the best. The perfect gift for yourself or a loved one.


What you get:

  • Sol 4.5% ABV 330ml
  • Desperados 5.9% ABV 300ml
  • Heineken 5.0% ABV 330ml
  • Bulmer’s 4.5% ABV 500ml
  • OLD MOUT Berries & Cherries 4.0%ABV 500ml VE
  • OLD MOUT Strawberry & Pomegranate 4.0%ABV 500ml VE


Allergens: Contains Gluten, Sulphites


Vegan Beers & Ciders of the World Pack (6)