Make cooking simple, wholesome and delicious our great range of vegan meats favourites all in one box.

Stock up the freezer with our, perfect for cooking speedy suppers to feed you when you need it.


What comes in the pack:

4 x Vegan Beefy Brisket Slices 100g

4 x Vegan Hickory Ham Slices 100g

4 x Vegan Chicken & Stuffing Slices 100g

4 x Turkish Spiced Kebab Strips 100g


Here at Sunshine Vegan Deli we pride ourselves in our deli meats, all handmade on site this family pack is no exception!!


Arrives chilled

Storage chilled 8 days frozen 8 months


Family Favorite's Vegan Meat Box

£40.00 Regular Price
£36.00Sale Price