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Calling all vegan pie lovers!


Get ready to fall for our delightful vegan pies, carefully crafted with our own plant-based meats, irresistible sauces, and an abundance of flavourful seasonings, all encased in a heavenly, plant-based buttery pastry.


But hold on tight, because our showstopper is here! Indulge in the sheer perfection of our exquisite 170g deep-filled Plant-Steak & Guinness pie, promising to delight your taste buds with its one-of-a-kind savoury goodness.


Each pie is a labour of love, meticulously hand-crafted to ensure every bite is a symphony of flavours. So why wait? Give in to your pie cravings and treat yourself to a slice of pure vegan bliss. Get your pie fix today, and let the scrumptious festivities begin!


Shelf life: 8 Days - Freezable


  • Jackfruit, Flour, WHEAT, white, plain, soft, Vital WHEAT gluten, Water, Yeast extract spread, SOY sauce, light and dark varieties, Onion powder, Garlic powder, Salt, Pepper, black, Puff pastry, Gunniess


    Typical values per 100g

    Energy 715kJ 169kcal, Fat 0.7g or which saturates 0.1g, Carbohydrate 22g of which sugars 1.6g, Protein 18g, Salt 1.8g

  • Min order £25 - Free shipping over £50.00 

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