Yes, back buy popular demand our Pork Pies are back!!

Our Pork mince with maple bacon encased in an all plant hot crust pastry!

100% Handmade

100% Vegan 


Arrives chilled

Storage: chilled for up to 8 days - frozen for 8 months

Vegan Pies - Pork Pie

  • Wheat Flour, Plant Oils (rapeseed, palm, Sunflower, , Water, Salt, Plant-Based, Faba Bean Protein, Vitamins A and D, TVP, Beetroot Powder, Methylcellulose, Pea Protein, Mushroom Powder, Yeast, Onion and Garlic Powders, Cider Vinegar, Soya Sauce, Nutmeg, Sage, Mace