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Introducing the Plant Pork Cheese + Pickle Jumbo Sausage Roll – a titillating twist on the classic that will have your taste buds tap dancing in delight! Each colossal roll is a treasure trove of flavours, so delectable and convenient that it's like having a gourmet feast right in the comfort of your own freezer.


Imagine a golden, flaky crust that crumbles beautifully with each bite, enveloping a filling so savoury and satisfying that you'll scarcely believe it's plant-based. The hearty "Plant Pork" within exudes the succulence and zest of traditional sausage, meticulously seasoned and married with the bold, creamy embrace of dairy-free cheese. These rich, harmonious flavours are then elevated by the tangy zing of pickles, adding a refreshing crunch that plays a symphony of textures in your mouth.


Crafted with passion and the finest ingredients, our Jumbo Sausage Roll is not only a culinary delight but an ode to conscious eating. It's the perfect choice for anyone looking to indulge without compromise – suitable for vegans, vegetarians, and meat-lovers alike who dare to try something new and adventurous.


Freezable for your convenience, you can stock up on these mouth-watering masterpieces to ensure you’re always just an oven's preheat away from experiencing the piquant pleasure of Plant Pork Cheese + Pickle whenever the cravings strike, be it a lazy Sunday brunch or a a quick weekday dinner.


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