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Introducing the Plant Pork Jumbo Sausage Roll – the ultimate feasty treat that brings the sizzle without the grizzle! Wrapped in a golden, flaky blanket of pastry heaven, each roll is lovingly crafted for those who crave the classic comfort of a meaty snack while tenderly embracing the plant-based revolution.


🍃 Taste the Innovation 🍃

Our Plant Pork is no ordinary meat alternative; it's a marvel of modern munch. We've harnessed the power of plant proteins to create a juicy, succulent filling that mimics the flavor and texture of traditional pork in an uncanny fashion. This is the kind of taste bud trickery that even the most devout carnivores can't resist.


🧊 Freezer-Friendly Delight 🧊

Life can be hectic, but your meal prep doesn’t have to be. Our Jumbo Sausage Rolls are made to be freezeable, ensuring you’ve always got a back-pocket trick for impromptu guests, busy weeknights, or those sudden cravings. Just pop one in the oven anytime for a quick, delicious, plant-powered escape that tastes freshly baked. Convenience has never been so scrumptious!


💚 Wrapped in Goodness 💚

Enrobed in our signature, buttery-but-better pastry, this roll is a triumph of texture and flavor.


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