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Cooking Instructions


Our roasts are already cooked and ready to eat cold or you can warm them up see below:


  • Unwrap, Baste with oil in foil in oven 160  degrees for 15 minutes, take off foil baste again and cook without foil for a further 5 mins. Slice and service


  • Leave in wrapping, cook for 5 mins on regular setting. Carefully take off packaging, slice and serve.

Vegan Pies , Scotch Eggs & Sausage Rolls

All goods  are already cooked and ready to eat cold or you can warm them up see below:


  • Cook in oven at 160 degrees for 10 minutes.


Boiled Eggs

Ready to eat, and can be added to meals at the end of cooking. 

To warm up: Microwave for 30 seconds 

What's the Shelf Life of your products?

  • Roasts -  7 days chilled, 6 months  frozen

  • Pies - 7 days chilled, 3 months frozen

  • Scotch Eggs - 7 days chilled

  • Boiled Eggs - 5 days chilled

You've run out of stock when can I place an order?

We have a set amount of stock we make every week.If you can't get your order on the day you highlighted, there will be other dates you can order your food.


Do you have a physical Deli?

No, we don't, but we do offer click and collect if you order online to  collect your pre-ordered goods from us.


Why do you do deliveries just once a week?

We are a family run fully vegan business and have our online store, but we also sell to other businesses  as well as attend Vegan Markets across the country. This is why we only ship once a week, as demand for our goods is high. Having your goods delivered on Wednesday is great way to get stocked up for your weekends!

Do you cater?

If you have a celebration coming up and want our goods in bulk. Just get in touch 

What's the goods made of?

All goods are handmade using fresh ingredients you can find the full list as well as nutritional information on the product pages.

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