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Coming to a
Vegan Event near You

Sunshine Deli Tour 2024

May 24

Saturday 4th - Eaglescliffe Vegan Festival
Sunday 5th - Chesterfield Vegan Market

Sunday 12th - Tyneside Vegan and Music Festival - Animal Aid

Saturday 18th - Greater London Vegan Festival


June 24

Saturday 1st - Cumbria Vegan Festival

Saturday 8th - Sherwood Vegan Market

Saturday 15th - Wales Vegan Festival

Saturday 22nd - North Shields Vegan Festival

July 24

Saturday 6th - Scotland Vegan Festival
Sunday 7th - Chesterfield Vegan Market

Saturday 13th - South East Vegan Festival
Saturday 13th - Sherwood Vegan Market

Saturday 20th - Newark Vegan Market
Saturday 20th Somerset Vegan Festival

August 24

Sunday 4th - Welsh Vegan Festival

Saturday 10th - Sherwood Vegan Market

September 24

Saturday 7th - Bournemouth Vegan Market

Saturday 14th - Sherwood Vegan Market 

Sunday 15th - Lichfield Vegan Market

Saturday 21st -Portsmouth Vegan Festival

Sunday 29th - Lincoln Vegan Market

October 24

Sunday 6th - Chesterfield Vegan Market

Saturday 12th - Birmingham Vegan Festival

Saturday 12th - Sherwood Vegan Market

Sunday 20th - Lichfield Vegan Market

November 24

Sunday 3rd - North East Vegan Festival
Saturday 9th - Peterborough Vegan Market
Saturday 9th -  Sherwood Vegan Market
Sunday 10th - Sheffield Vegan Market
Sunday 19th - Brighton Vegan Festival
Saturday 23rd - Manchester Vegan Festival
Saturday 30th - Leeds Vegan Festival


December 24

Saturday 1st - Chesterfield Vegan Market
Saturday 14th Sherwood Vegan Market
Sunday 15th Lichfield Vegan Market


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